Top 10 reasons to join Fortimedix

There's something special about Fortimedix as evidenced by exceptionally high employee retention rates.

We asked our people what they love most about their job. Here are the 10 main reasons to join. There's more, but we would really like to tell them to you personally, so get in touch.

1. Challenge yourself

We are a competitive, innovative and technology driven company that makes top-quality products. You work at the cross-roads of applied micro technology, materials science and medical device technology, with development, testing and manufacturing all under one roof. Projects are versatile, challenging and complex.

2. The ability to grow

We want to match your ambitions with ours and offer extensive personal and professional development programs.

3. You make a difference

We work in small committed teams that run projects from start to finish. Your work is visible, your contribution recognized and respected.

4. Internal support

Internal support is great, you can be sure of excellent training on the job.

5. The balance between autonomy and teamwork

Ownership, self management and autonomy are equally important to us as team work is, and shared responsibility can be a valuable asset. You cooperate with many different disciplines in a fine mix of junior, middle and senior level colleagues.

6. See the big picture

You become a part of the Fortimedix family. We value your commitment and we share our company targets and plans with all employees to ensure we work and deliver on common goals.

7. Serious business, seriously fun

Our culture is open-minded, no-nonsense, positive, informal, fast-paced and fun. Yes, we are very results-oriented, but we sure enjoy ourselves along the way.

8. Contribute to better lives

At the end of the day our products help improve patients live. For some of us this is a powerful personal motivation. We are not just a technological company, we are a company that puts technology to work for the bettering of human health.

9. Rewarding environment

You get what you deserve: from competitive salary and benefits packages to the opportunity to learn and work in a state of the art facility, you will be rewarded with all Fortimedix has to offer.

10. An international and dynamic environment

We are the global market leader in endovascular stent manufacturing, working with customers and partners all over the world. We are also a young, dynamic company, creating novel devices with the latest techniques. The combination brings a vibe to our work floor that you simply have to love.

Act now!

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