Stent development at the heart of your success

From initial design to CE-mark, Fortimedix has successfully designed and developed coronary and peripheral stents for over 15 years.

Integrated services

We offer in-house design, testing and manufacturing services, making us your single source partner in novel stent development. Throughout the initial design process we share our expertise; providing you with our advice, analysis and interpretations.

Mechanical and biological expertise

In-house fatigue testing, biological evaluations and product performance assessments ensure our extensive knowledge of mechanical and material properties are employed during the design and development process.

3D modeling and rapid prototyping

We use 3D modeling in the design process to create true-to-life prototypes within weeks. Rapid prototyping can speed-up development processes, leading to a faster time to market.

Design for manufacturing

When developing a new stent, we map the scale-up and manufacturing needs early to ensure an efficient transfer to full-scale production.

No time for development?

Looking for a premium quality stent without investing in your own design? Learn more about our OEM stent KAON. It's ready to order in the specifications you need.

Creating novel endoscopic devices

Do you want to learn more about our platform for single-port surgery? Go to symphonX™ or visit the Fortimedix Surgical product website.