KAON by Fortimedix

KAON is a state-of-the art balloon expandable coronary stent, developed and manufactured by Fortimedix.

The stent that meets your needs

KAON is the result of over fifteen years experience in stent development. We have brought together all our expertise to create a quality OEM stent. In combination with our unique polishing technology, we offer customers a first class, competitive stent product with surface properties exceeding industry standards.

Superior characteristics

The Fortimedix KAON OEM product is a CoCr coronary stent featuring:

  • Exceptional flexibility and trackability properties in both crimped and expanded states
  • Superb vessel conformability
  • Outstanding radial force
  • Even scaffolding
  • Superior crossing profiles

The product is available in a wide range of sizes and can be mounted on a stent delivery catheter of your choice at your facilities.

An inside look

KAON stents are:

  • laser cut from hard, medical grade, cobalt chromium, MP35N, seamless tubing
  • electrochemically polished to an outstanding rounding of corners and surface smoothness
  • heat treated (annealed) to obtain the desired material mechanical properties
  • packed individually in glass (non-electrostatic) tubes
  • packed clean, for direct mounting in a clean room environment

Click here to learn more about KAON specifications.