symphonX™ – our single-port surgery solution

Small: The world's lowest profile solution

Simple: Easier to use than any other competitor

Secure: Mimicking conventional laparoscopy

Reducing the number of incisions and minimizing abdominal wall trauma is the next logical step in the evolution of laparoscopic surgery. Fortimedix developed symphonX™, a novel, single-port, laparoscopic surgery platform that features articulating instruments. Emulating the conventional laparoscopic procedural approach makes symphonX™ easy to use, enabling surgeons to perform single-port surgery safely and comfortably. Combined with its unique low profile, making it the world’s only single-port surgery solution compatible with a single, 15mm standard laparoscopic trocar, symphonX™ holds the promise of truly capturing the claimed benefits of single-port surgery, including fewer port-site complications, less post-operative pain, faster recovery and exceptional cosmesis. symphonX™ is poised to elevate the standard of care in laparoscopic surgery and trigger the paradigm shift towards single-port surgery.

For more information on this platform, go to the Fortimedix Surgical website.